About Us

Homefront Health Care is a nonprofit home health care organization that has been caring for Rhode Islanders since 1966. From its six locations, its compassionate and caring staff of 350 nurses, therapists, CNAs, homemakers, and companions make more than 150,000 home care visits each year throughout the state.

Although there is a wide variety of application of home health care, Homefront specializes in the care of chronically ill people, including frail elders, adults with disabilities, and children with special health care needs. What sets Homefront apart is the ability to manage long-term relationships with so many of our clients. This includes the assistance of our experienced nurse managers who are knowledgeable about community resources as well as our direct care workers.

Our consistency of staff is a hallmark of our organization. The three Cs Compassion, Competency, Consistency Providing long term care at home allows the sick or disabled person to stay in comfortable surroundings and provide a normal daily routine. The staff will connect the client with the “outside world” by shopping, going to the store, and doing other errands. They will give the family of a sick or disabled person peace of mind and time to rest from their work. Most of all they allow the elderly and disabled to live their lives with dignity and respect. Homefront Health Care is accredited by The Joint Commission and is a member of Care Link.