What Clients are Saying

August 2014

“She has enriched my life by doing an excellent job with cleaning, laundry, and occasionally preparing simple food.  She is very pleasant and helpful at all times.”

“She is helping me to remain in my own home and receive necessary care.  Helps to lighten  my mood and makes me laugh.  Very thoughtful.”

“She not only helps in performing her tasks with me, but she also gives me great moral support over my disability and is very helpful in changing the way I tend to look at my new life!”

“I enjoy her Just being here and being friendly and just for someone to talk to.  I live alone and it is nice to talk with someone if only for an hour.”

“I look forward to seeing her.  She gets the job done – no complaints while doing it.”

July 2014

“Made it easier for me physically as I am not able to do many household tasks.”

“While working they socialize with me, which is important to me.”

“She is excellent!  She comes and immediately gets to work.  I don’t have to tell her.  She is fantastic!”

June 2014

“First of all, she is pleasant, friendly, and does a nice job in my apartment.  We have no complaints.”

“My CNA Meghan is wonderful.  She is respectful, considerate, kind, and goes right to work when she arrives.”

“By cooking for me she has made my life easier on a day to day basis and she is a joy to have around.  Friendly, great personality.”

“She has made my life easier.”

May 2014

“She is very thorough and pleasant.  Works very quickly and a good person to be around.  She taught me valuable things about my home & cooking.”

“When she has time she sits and talks with Rolland.  She smiles, she laughs when Rolland says something funny.  She works with Rolland and he likes her very much.  Thank you for sending a very nice CNA.”

“She makes me be more flexible in my hips.  The ladies are the greatest.”

April 2014

“Chris is compassionate and efficient in her duties.  Makes me feel comfortable.”

“She keeps me company, she does errands & laundry which I am unable to do.  She cleans the apartment.  She helps me in the shower making sure I don’t fall.”

“Melissa is honest, mature , and a joy! It’s important to her that she please me and pick out the correct groceries.  She’s an asset to Homefront!  LUCKY YOU and LUCKY ME.”

“She makes me feel secure.”

March 2014

“I have been happy with the 2 CNAs that I have had and I don’t want to lose them.”

“She does her job well which makes my life easier.  She is very polite and neat.”

“Makes conversation.  Always checks on what is needed.”  Thank you for sending Melissa to us.  Our father will miss her when he moves to assisted living.”

February 2014

“Courteous, pleasant, attentive, respectful, considerate, and concentrates on her work & duties.”

“She is very nice and friendly, very sweet and kind to the cats.”

“She has made my life much easier.  Thank you.”

January 2014

“She is great in helping me clean well.  Good at giving me my shower.”

“She assisted me when I needed help.  She was cheery & capable.”

“The extra interaction with a person who’s purpose is to help & assist, has been very comforting.”

December 2013

“I look forward to our visits, to our conversations, and showing my family what a great job Linda does with the light house cleaning!”

“She enriches my life by making me feel better.”

“She works in a professional manner and is respectful to the household.”

November 2013

“She is always here on time.  Pleasant.  Does her job.  I like her very much.”

“Christine is very friendly, respectful, and can be a very good listener.  Even my dog, “Pepe”, who is a grouch, loves her!!”

“When she finishes caring & bathing him, he says he feels like a million dollars.  He really loves Lori.”


October 2013

“Michelle is very caring and professional – we like her so much.  She has a calming way.”

“My CNA maks me feel refreshed and cheers me up.”

“Has made my life easier during my wife’s illness.”

“Things have been better for family.”

September 2013

“She does tasks I’m unable to do & keeps my house clean.”

“She treats me with total respect.  She is special.”

‘Just our CNA giving my mom a shower twice a week is wonderful.  Knowing she is not alone makes me comfortable.  I really can’t think of anything I would like to see change.”

“They are like my own family.”

August 2013

“She is just wonderful, very good in everything she does!  So kind and helpful, goes out of her way, it seems, to help.”

“Just knowing someone is coming to be with her enriches my life.”

“It gave me peace of mind to know she was available to help me take care of my husband.”

July 2013

“Very pleased with your services.”

“I am very well pleased with my help.”

June 2013

“She has built a wonderful relationtionship with my mother.  She looks forward to her coming.  It gives my father a break.”

“With my CNA’s help, I feel accomplishment!”

May 2013

“I enjoy seeing my CNA.  She keeps me smiling. A wonderful person.”

“I was able to sleep peacefully knowing my dad was being well cared for.”

April 2013

“Melissa is the best CNA I have ever had.  She makes my life so much easier.  She does her job.  I never have to tell her what to do.”

“I have received companionship, assistance with therapy exercises, encouragemen, and positive attitude,”

March 2013

“Let us be sure to keep Lucille!  She’s the best!”

“I was satisfied with all Homefront services.  They helped me get through the rocky times.”

February 2013

“Both ladies from Homefront were outstandingly good for me.  Thank you.”

“I feel like I’m getting excellent services.”

“Great to have the help.”

“Thanks for all the help you give to Mom.”

January 2013

“My mother required services for about a month before she passed away.  I have referred many people to your services.”

“Jasmine has been with me since March 2012 and I couldn’t be more pleased with her performance!”

“I have no doubt that if change or adjustment were needed, changes would be prompt and cheerful.”

“Great job.”

December 2012

“The women you have sent have been simply great.  Thank you.  Merry Christmas!”

“I would not change a thing.”

“I am satisfied with my homemaker.”

November 2012

“We have seen an improvement in my mother-in-law.  I would like to thank Karen for her help.”

“We will be calling you again, as my husband has had 2 falls and has been hospitalized.  Will call at his dismissal.”

“It has been a great help for me and has been a relief on my painful joints.  Thank you!”

“Good service. Thumbs up.”

October 2012

“I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about a wonderful caring person who came into our home to care for my mom Angela.  Her name is Linda. The totally professional manner in which she went about her daily routine with my Mom was greatly appreciated.  Her quiet presence  and understanding nature made her not only an outstanding aide but a member of our household.  My Mom looked forward to her visits.”

“We are satisfied with the aide’s professional service.”
“I didn’t know how much I needed Clara.  She does things for me that I can’t do.”

“Your aides are very accomodating and very professional.  Your office manager, Donna, in the Westerly office is wonderful.  Vivian & April are great.”

September 2012

“You are a Godsend.  Thank you.”

“I am happy with my CNA at this time.  Thank you.”

“I’m very happy with my homemaker.”

August 2012

“So far, so good.”

“Nothing needs changing, everything is good.”

“Everything is fine the way it is.  We are very satisfied.  Our CNA comes the same time and days always which to us is very important!  We think this is the best care my husband has had.”

“Very pleased with Mildred.”

“Excellent service.”

“I’m very happy with it.”

July 2012

“We are very happy that we found Homefront.  The service allows us to relax a little about our loved one’s care.”

“Although we are no longer contracting with your agency, we found our CNA Sherri to be very capable and dependable.”

“Dawn covers all aspects of my care plan to the letter.  Her work is most appreciated!”

“The work is always done to my satisfaction.  Always do a good job.”

June 2012

“All in all very satisfied with the services & care.”

“Just like to say you are a wonderful company.  My homemaker is wonderful.  Thank you so much.”

“Very happy.”

“Lori is great.”

May 2012

“I am treated very well and I am happy with everything.”

“Very edified at each one’s efforts to work together well.  Always pleasant-do their work well.”

“I am very happy with Doreen’s care and attention.”

“I am very happy to have my CNA come and help me.  She is extremely good to me.”

“Kailin is a very nice CNA.  My mom likes her.  She is polite and thorough in bathing.”

April 2012

“Michelle, our CNA, was an excellent caregiver.”

“Keep up the good work.”

“Carmella is great!”

“The work the girls do is always satisfactory.  They manage to get everything done in the time allowed.”

“Nancy is great, and Donna is always helpful when we call.  We are very happy.  Thank you.”

March 2012

“I thank God for the help.”

“I’m so glad your services were recommended to me.  You are doing what I need at this time.”

“I enjoy Brittany.  She does everything I ask her to do.”

“Everyone is very nice and does a good job all the time.”

February 2012

“Keep the friendly attitude.”

“I love Denise.  Couldn’t get any better. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for all the great things you do.”

“Phyllis does a great job & doesn’t waste time.”

“This was our first experience  with Home Health Care and a positive experience.”

January 2012

“We like the girls that come. Thank you.”

“Whitney has been wonderful with my grandfather and she displays wonderful patience with him.  He can be difficult at times.  She is wonderful!”

“David is doing a great job with my dad.”

“Gina is just great…She’s vivacious,respectful,capable and very pleasant to have around.”

“This is a wonderful service provided to the elderly to help them remain in independently living situations.”

“You have been very patient with my changing schedule which is very important.”

December 2011

“I’m very satisfied.”

“I am very comfortable.”

“Ellen (my CNA) does a very good job.  Very willing to do most anything I ask her.  She is very pleasant, I like her very much.”

“A very good system.”

November 2011

“Thank you for your service.  I am happy with my CNA.”

“My husband passed away in September.  He thought Allie was the best CNA he ever had.  I agree!”

“Rosemary is excellent”.

“Our CNA Heather is very good and our father likes her very much.  She is a self starter and sees what needs to be done and does it well.”

“I received excellent services for the week I used the agency.  I was completely satisfied.”

“Mary is excellent and great to have in the home.”

October 2011

“Dorese provided excellent care to my father.  Please thank her for us!  Your scheduling person was wonderful too, very accommodating!!”

“Both CNA and Homemaker are very good.  Lou and Sandra are both very professional, they do their job well.  We are glad to have them”.

“No complaints about anything!!”

September 2011

“I am very pleased with my CNA”.

“Very comfortable with your services and very grateful.  The Homemaker is always cheerful and knowledgeable in regard to duties to be performed”.

“CNA is excellent”.

August 2011

“Lovely people — hard workers, very well liked.  You found the right people for the job — very caring & loving — so I’ve found”.

“My helper is very efficient and pleasant to have in my home.  I am a client in my 3rd month with a CNA”.

“Everything is working out well and I love Gail”.

“I love my aides.  I would be lost without them. I thank God for them”.

“I find them compassionate, caring, respectful to me and my son.  So far I give them an A”.

July 2011

“All of you were so good, skilled, understanding — you provided the help and the support we needed.  We had great faith & trust in each one.  Thank you so much”.

“David is professional & treats my father with respect”.

“CNA’s have been very friendly, cooperative, and hard working.  Couldn’t be better!”.

“Julia’s been a big help”.

June 2011

“We are so happy with the job our CNA is doing”.

“I am very happy with our CNA (Becca).  She is fantastic!!”.

“You are awesome!!!  Wonderful care!!!”.

“I’m very happy with my Homemaker Carol.  She is very good at making things more efficient in my apartment”.

“I’m very pleased with Maryann, RN.  She’s always there if I have a problem”.

May 2011

“Our CNA/Homemaker was kind & helpful.  we appreciated having her & Homefront’s support in our lives during our time of need”.

“Am very pleased with everything done for me and will recommend you to anyone in need of your help”.

“My CNA Jennifer does a great job taking care of my wife and communicating with her in Portuguese.  It’s  nice to have someone we can understand”.

“Many thanks to Homefront and our CNA/Homemaker”.

April 2011

“Overall – good experience.  Would recommend to friends”.

“Diane is awesome!  I felt at ease from the first visit.  She’s great!”

“I greatly appreciate having this help because I tried for a very long period of time and I was told I fell inbetween the circles.  It was years trying.  Finally I received help.  Thank you”.

“I am very satisfied with Homefront”.

“Doing a great job!  Always friendly and helpful when I have a question”.

“If I ever need your services again, I will not hesitate to have Homefront again.  What a great service.  Well done!!!!”.

March 2011

“Channel is a wonderful girl.  I trust her always”.

“My homemaker is a very nice girl. Thank you”.

“Stephanie, the CNA did a great job.  She is a caring person with a positive attitude.  I was very happy with the care we received from Homefront.  Thank you”.

“Very well satisfied with Homefront.  Nurses & CNA are always friendly”.

February 2011

“I look forward to her visit”.

“Both CNA’s, Linda and Diane, are very professional and kind”.

“Mike is very professional, reliable and consistent.  My husband is very pleased with his care”.

January 2011

“I had CNA’s for 18 months for my husband.  I found them to be very good, on time, and no problem.  He is in a nursing home right now. If he were at home, I’d continue your services”.

“This has been a tremendous help for me.  It takes a huge pressure off of me knowing there’s someone here to help my husband get ready and make sure he gets on the bus on time.  Thank you very much for the help!

“Nancy was a very caring, and very competent nurse during my time of need”.

“Our homemaker Barbara is very efficient and helpful.  She does a good job and is very pleasant”.

“Everyone is exceptional, all the CNAs and Lois and Michelle.  I am so thankful for all of the help I am receiving for my 86-year-old mother.  It is because of you she is able to be at home”.

December 2010

“It has been such a pleasure to have your agency help with my mother.  I could not have done this for the past years had it not been for your agency.  Again, thank you”.

“I was very pleased with your service”.

Your personnel and their help have been a blessing and made our burden lighter”.

“Still new to the agency, but everything is going well. I could not be happier”.

November 2010

“For me this is very helpful, I recommend it highly”.

“I am very pleased with the service I get.  A perfect match.  I never want to lose the woman who works for me”.

“Really appreciate this service -would be harder to deal without help”.

October 2010

“My CNA is fine.  Everything is always done properly”.

“Very satisfied”.

“So far I am satisfied”.

“I could set the clock by her”.

September 2010

“Wonderful service by conscientious women.  No hesitation in scheduling visits – feel comfortable”.

Excellent job, neatly dressed and pleasant with my husband – the major patient with Alzheimer’s/Dementia”.

“Very pleased.  Would recommend your services. Thank you”.

“Ellen is professional, polite and understanding of patient, a perfect person for my husband’s care”.

“Very satisfied with Laura – my parents love her”.

“We have been very happy with the CNAs you have sent and your staff has been very accommodating”.

August 2010

“So far we have had good communication and good responses”.

“I do appreciate all that is done for me when I need the help”.

“I am totally pleased with my service and my CNA is the best.  Great connection.  Thank you.”

“My life is easier and better because of my CNA.  Thank you”.

“My father has rcently passed away.  My family appreciates the assistance offered by Homefront.  It was truly professional service”.

“The girl that comes to my house is perfect!”.

July 2010

“The visit by the nurse beforehand was very reassuring and the 2 CNA’s who came on the scheduled day couldn’t have been nicer, putting both my parents at ease”.

“Jeff is a Godsend, a great match for Benjamin”.

“I am happy to have this help, they are nice people”.

June 2010

“I am well satisfied with Homefront”.

“I really like them”.

“With us, everything has worked fine”.

May 2010


“I am very satisfied with the care & service given.  Thank you for the courteous & helpful personnel”.

“At this time, I can say I see no room for improvement.  Everything is going as planned.  Thank you all”.

April 2010

“Professional staff, very accomodating”.
“Gail is just a great person to be around & she does a great job.  Always respectful-just a great person all around”.

“Very happy with the care.  The CNA’s are wonderful to me”.

March 2010

“In office:  Marie & Maria  — great help.  Nicole — A.M. CNA is wonderful, excellent.  Lisa — P.M. CNA — wonderful, excellent.  I cannot say enough good things about these 4 people”.

“I am very pleased with Michelle — I like her”.

“Grateful for all your help, taking care of our soon to be 90 year old father”.

September 2009

“Your services are so helpful — wish we knew about you months ago”.

“Everyone has been so helpful and understanding. Thank you for your care and consideration”.

“I am very happy with Homefront services. My nurse manager has been incredibly helpful. These services are what I should have had 4 years ago. My CNA is a gem”.

“Satisfied in all aspects”.

August 2009

“My family feels comfortable with your workers & company”.

“I am very happy with Debbie. I hope to keep her for the long haul”.

“Mom’s aide is Loida. She is gentle and caring and works well with the elderly. She represents your company well“.

“I am very comfortable with my homemaker, Gail, and appreciate your evaluation”.

“Everything is good”.

July 2009

“Everyone is very pleasant and cooperative and I am sincerely grateful for the compassion, kindness, and care that I am receiving from Homefront. Deanna is a gem and always has the patient’s best interest at heart! Great job!”

“At the present time, my husband has improved, but if need be I would call for help from you again”.

“Everyone was excellent! They gave me comfort in my recovery from surgery”.

“My caregivers are wonderful! They see to my needs and are a great help”.

“Excellent service! Thank you”.

June 2009

“I think you do great! I’m very happy with you”.


May 2009

“Keep up the good work”.

“We cannot say enough wonderful things about Mary. She does a wonderful job! This program has been a Godsend”.

“I would indeed recommend you to friends & relatives. My thanks to Kate & Maureen”.

April 2009

“We cannot say enough wonderful things about Mary. She does a wonderful job! This program has been a Godsend”.

“Very pleased with present CNA”.

“Kim has a pleasant personality and appearance and is very exacting & industrious”.

“I like the people that you set up for me. They do a good job”.

“Great girls — good homecare service!”

March 2009

“My CNA, Ellen, is fantastic!”

“Tammy is a wonderful caregiver!”

“I was very pleased with the help I had”.

February 2009

“My mom was very happy with your services & I, her daughter. The ladies were great. I definitely will be calling again”.

“This is a great service. I couldn’t afford a housekeeper without the help of this agency”.

“I like everything about your service & people”.

“I believe they do very well”.

January 2009

“We love the service we receive from Homefront”.

“We were so pleased with the kindness given to our mother”.

“The homemaker is a hard worker. She keeps my home clean. Thank you”.

“I am completely satisfied with Denise. She has always been courteous & conscientious”.

“I have been very pleased with my home health aide”.